Romanian Journal of Medical and Dental Education Volum 8 Issue 6, 2019 ORAL ASPECTS IN NIEMANN-PICK SYNDROME: CLINICAL CASE PRESENTATION


Andrei Kozma, Andreea Dona Iordan-Dumitru, Horia Lăzărescu, Claudiu Topoliceanu, Doriana Agop Forna, Agnes K. Lackner, Norina Forna


Aim: The paper describes oral aspects and anomalies associated with Niemann- Pick syndrome. Materials and method: Oral aspects of Niemann-Pick syndrome were recorded and discussed, in a 8-years age chidren, diagnosed with severe functional disorders. Results and discussions. Severe disorders associated with Niemann-Pick syndrome were followed by esthetic and masticatory disorders. The major complain is the altering of masticatory function due to the onset and acute evolution of dental caries. The treatment of the dental caries will solve the masticatory, esthetic and phonetic functions. After the end of the development of maxillary and mandibular bones the dental treatments can be followed by oral complex rehabilitation. Conclusion. The early dental interventions and the increasing awareness of parents regarding the constant check-up sessions, the monitoring of the growth process as well as interdisciplinary approach represent the stages and directions of the dental treatment plan for children with Niemann- Pick syndrome.

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