Romanian Journal of Medical and Dental Education Volum 7 Issue 2. 2018 ZIRCONIA-DENTAL MATERIAL FOR FUTURE-AN OVERVIEW


Zenovia Surlari, Cristina Iordache, Dan Nicolae Bosînceanu, Elena Raluca Baciu, Oana Ţănculescu, Dana Gabriela Bosînceanu, Dragoș Virvescu, Gabriela Ifteni


Aim of the study.The aim of our study was to evaluate complications and primary failures of fixed metal ceramic bridge prostheses made by dental students. Material and methods.We studied 50 patients (22 women, 28 men, mean age 49 years, range 28–73 years) treated during 4 years. Data were collected from the patient files. Altogether 82 bridges were made. Results.Seven teeth were extracted due to complication and/or failure during endodontic treatment and root canal perforation during preparation. In two cases the abutment tooth was fractured by removing the old crown.Four unsuccessful bridges were remade and in seven cases the firing of porcelain was renewed. Conclusions.The study concludes that most common failures of fixed metal ceramic bridges made by dental students occur during root canal preparation of abutment teeth.

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