About us

  Dear Colleagues,

       Romanian Journal of Dental Education is a real necessity for the dental medicine, which needs landmarks and standards. This idea is supported by the affiliation of the Romanian Dental Association for Education to the European Dental Association, which plays an important role in determining the competences that govern the medical practice at the European level.

     THE ROMANIAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION FOR EDUCATION (ADRE)– member of ADEE (European Association for Dental Education), AMR (Association of Physicians from Romania) – has the purpose to create a specialized framework to put together specialists from the dental medicine area as well as from the universitary education area, based on their free will, in order to connect the Romanian education system to the European one and to achieve the curricular uniformization – in country and abroad.

    We cannot speak of professional competences in the age of top technologies, of nanomaterials and nanoconstructions without an educational system able to reflect the quality of the medical act at a later stage. This first starting point underlines the necessity of a periodic publication of this journal, with a deep practical impact.

Editor in Chief,
Head Department – Implantology, Removable prosthesis, Denture technology
University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Grigore T. Popa”, Iasi