Romanian Journal of Medical and Dental Education Volum 7 Issue 1. 2018 ASPECTS OF IMMEDIATE IMPLANTATION VERSUS BELATED IMPLANTATION


Andreea Ionela Gradinaru, Doriana Agop Forna, Norina Consuela Forna


Aim of the study The study aimed at a comparative analysis between implantation and late implantation with identification of specificity aspects in accordance with each clinical case. Material and methods A meta-analysis was carried out based on a total of 30 articles selected from the literature listed in the Pub-Med, Ebsco, and Google Scholar databases.Results From the analysis of the data from the articles of the last 15 years, there was a prevalence of the success rate in immediate implantation, accordingly corroborating the absence of any periapical process on the extracted tooth with the number of implants applied and with different augmentation techniques used.With regard to late implantation, a total of 175 implants were inserted into the mandible after the standard implantation protocol under sufficient bone supply conditions in mature, healed IV type with a late loading.  Conclusions Immediate implantation has the advantages of reducing the long post-treatment period, followed by the osteointegration of the implant and the preservation of the alveolar bone size.

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