Alice Murariu, Roxana Vasluianu, Edlibi Al Hage Walid, Livia Bobu


This paper aims to highlight the burnout syndrome among dentists, this phenomenon that affects between 22.2% and 55% of dentists, according to the data in the specialized literature. Besides the physical phenomena expressed by chronic fatigue, the syndrome determines and disturbs the behaviors with consequences like: absenteeism, alcohol and drug abuse, low performance. Psychological consequences include anxiety, depression, fatigue, dissatisfaction towards one’s own life. Pathological symptoms are heart diseases, cerebral strokes, digestive diseases such as gastric and duodenal ulcer, headaches and diverse infections. The most frequent risk factor incriminated is the overload at the workplace, followed by others, like: emotional factors, time since qualification, educational status and experience. Prevention of this phenomenon includes better time management, relaxation, maintaining an emotional balance and a mental well-being.

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