Alice Murariu, Carina Balcoș, Livia Bobu, Sorana Roșu, Adina Armencia, Ramona Feier


Oral health is currently based on objective measures such as the presence and severity of dental caries and periodontal disease. In the last years, researchers and dentists have shown increasing interest in a widened array of physical, psychological, and social factors found to influence patients’ oral health. Being a nowadays dentist means valuing health promotion and disease prevention, as well as the use of empathy, deep listening, and appreciation of the patient’s intrinsic motivation and unique psychosocial history. Coaching requires from the dentist to integrate the art of social interaction with the cognitive elements of psychology and the science of dental medicine. In this article we analyze health coaching approach, and how different levels of coaching from student to dentist to patient can influence and improve health communication, encourage effective health-promoting behavior change and improve the lives off all implied.

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