Romanian Journal of Medical and Dental Education Volum 8 Issue 1, 2019 DETERMINING FACTORS OF ORAL HEALTH: CULTURAL AND EDUCATION LEVEL


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Murariu Alice, Livia Bobu, Claudiu Topoliceanu, Roxana Vasluianu, Norina Forna


In literature there are very many studies highlighting the correlation between oral health and diverse social factors, including lifestyle, social and cultural environment, health organization and care as well as the health policy. The educational level may represent an important risk factor for health in the context in which it is associated to poverty and to a hostile physical environment. In the context of oral health, a low education level also associated to the footprint characteristic to the cultural level of a person may determine their lack of interest towards the prevention of oral disorders, the practicing of an inadequate oral hygiene and the adoption of a vicious lifestyle.

In this context, the health promoting programmes must rely on viable strategies that may eliminate not only financial barriers but also the ones preventing the equal access of the disfavored population to education and health.

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