Loredana Golovcencu, Daniela Anistoroaei, Georgeta Zegan , Iulia Catalina Saveanu


The  early orthodontic treatment is one of the most frequent debates in orthodontics. The clues for early orthodontic treatment are the early recognition of malocclusion, the proper timing for orthodontics and the initial therapies. In this early phase the clinician can begin preventive therapy, functional therapy and interception in the first stage of malocclusion in order to diminish or to stop the abnormal growth and development of jaws and dental arches. In this paper we present a patient during mixed dentition period with class II skeletal malocclusion, vertical growth pattern,  treated by simple orthopedic and orthodontic procedures. The patient showed important correction of skeletal imbalance, good dental alignment and class I occlusion at the end of the early phase of the orthodontic treatment.

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