Romanian Journal of Medical and Dental Education Volum 10 Issue 3, 2021 SPECIFIC SURGICAL PREPARATIONS IN COMPLEX ORAL REHABILITATION


Doriana Agop Forna, Raluca Alina Dragomir, Ovidiu Stamatin, Lorelay Nassar, Mohamad Madarati, Gholamreza Shokraei, Dana Nicoleta Mihai, Liana Popa, Davidescu Alexandra, Carmen Stelea


Aim of the study The initiation of oral rehabilitation begins by understanding the patient’s expectations and correctly diagnosing the patient’s status. The surgical intervention is a challenge for the clinician due to the requirements of the patients but also due to the anatomy and general pre-existing conditions. From a surgical point of view, the challenges are represented by obtaining a harmonious gingival margin, without abrupt changes in tissue height, keeping the papillae intact and obtaining or preserving the convex contour of the alveolar ridge. Material and methods For the complex oral rehabilitation by surgical techniques were analyzed all the anatomical and physiological aspects of the normal maxillary bone, unaffected by pathological processes (mainly edentulousness) and also the possibility to solve the effects of edentation by different therapeutic methods (endosseous implants inserted in different clinical situations, modern methods of bone augmentation).We have taken into consideration the soft tissues (epithelial and conjunctive) related to guided tissue regeneration and tissue augmentation. Results In the case of localized addition of the alveolar ridge, the initial volume of the bone and its configuration decide whether the implant insertion and the bone addition will be performed simultaneously. The indications of this method are represented by the sufficient bone volume for an optimal prosthetic rehabilitation and the provision of a high success rate for the augmentation. Conclusions Therefore, complete pre- and pro-prosthetic surgical rehabilitations are often the optimal solution, as bone structures and supporting tissues can be preserved and enhanced.

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