Murariu Alice, Livia Bobu, Ioan Danila, Norina Forna


Health-related quality of life studies are important because they can express benefits or damage to health care. The tools for measuring the quality of life at the individual level are described in the form of questionnaires. If a foreign questionnaire is used, it is mandatory to test the psychometric properties: fidelity and validity. The OHIP 14 questionnaire made by Slade and Spencer in English is used to assess the quality of life correlated with oral health in adult population.Before being used in Romanian, it was tested on a group of 928 subjects in Iasi County, following the WHO methodology. The results of the study have shown that both, fidelity and validity, have obtained high values, ​​so that the questionnaire can be used as a measure of quality of life related with oral health.

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