Romanian Journal of Medical and Dental Education Volum 8 Issue 8, 2019 PERIODONTAL HEALTH: DETERMINANTS AND INDICATORS. A REVIEW


Irina-Georgeta Sufaru, Anamaria Zaharescu, Odette-Elena Luca, Diana-Cristala Nitescu Kappenberg, Raluca Vieriu, Monica Andronache, Ioana Rudnic, Liliana Pasarin


Defining periodontal health is very important in establishing a common reference point for evaluating periodontal disease and determining significant treatment outcomes. Health can be evaluated both histologically and clinically and should be considered in the context of a preventive starting point and a therapeutic end point. Periodontal health should not only be considered in the context of bacterial plaque / bacteria levels and control but should embrace a holistic analysis and assessment of all factors responsible for disease onset, as well as the restoration and maintenance of health. The term impeccable clinical health is a rare but realistic entity, resulting in no loss of attachment, no bleeding at probing (BoP), no probing depth >3 mm, and no redness, clinical oedema or purulent discharge. We must recognize that this condition is associated with immune physiological surveillance, rather than with pathological inflammation.

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